Reclamation and Grass Seeding

Reclamation and Revegetation

The Montana Spraying Company offers full service land reclamation and native revegetation services in Bozeman, Gallatin Valley, Big Sky and the surrounding communities. We possess professional grade dirt work and grass seeding equipment that can efficiently complete any size product.

A common project is new construction where a large lawn is planned.The price of sod is often cost prohibitive. The cost efficient alternative to sod is to drill seed grass. Grass will sprout within 7 to 14 days and with proper irrigation will yield a healthy vigorous stand of grass looking no different than if sod would have been laid.

New Construction and Real Estate Development Reclamation Services

We offer a full slate of reclamation services for land development including:

  1. Grass Seeding (both native grasses and ornamental)
  2. Common Area (Communal Park) Grading and Grass Seeding
  3. Noxious Weed Management Plans and Execution
  4. Site Construction and Slope Recontouring
  5. Rock Picking
  6. Spring Harrow
  7. Tree Planting
  8. Pad/ Road Repair/ Leveling

Native Revegetation Services

One of our true passions lies in restoring land to its native condition. A common example of this service is restoration of overgrazed pastures. We specialize in first effective weed control followed by various methods of restoring healthy stands of grasses. The bread and butter of this service is our drill seeding of native grasses.


  1. Grass Seeding Service
  2. Erosion Management
  3. Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  4. Tree and Shrub Planting
  5. Rangeland Weed Control