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  • Common Weeds

    We treat several types of weeds on a daily basis. Recognize any of these?

  • Weed ID

    As experts, we can identify the problem weeds and areas on your property.

  • Animal Safety

    We use chemicals certified by the EPA for animal safety.

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Weed Control, Tree Care, Landscaping in Bozeman, MT

At the Montana Spray Co. we are dedicated to customer service while at the same time achieving successful containment and control of unwanted Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species in the Gallatin Valley and Montana. If your property or land has noxious weeds on it or you simply just want to improve your existing property, give us a call and we will help you accomplish your goals!

Why It Matters?

Invasive species cause millions of dollars of damage to land and animals every year. Certain noxious weeds in Montana gone untreated can take over as much as 80% of your range land or pasture. In Montana alone, noxious weeds cover approx. 7.6 million acres! Additionally, various species of insects such as pine beetles, can decimate the tree populations on your property that have been growing for years and have taken so much of your time and money to foster to maturity. Every year the awareness of noxious weeds and invasive species grows exponentially in the Gallatin Valley, Montana and surrounding states. Therefore take the time to become involved with your neighbors, friends and community to get rid of these unwanted species.

Our Services ( learn more )

We offer many services by Certified Applicators:

  • Noxious and Unwanted Weed Control
    (Have questions about how we do this? Email us.)
  • Full Tree Services
    (tree pruning, removal, pine beetle, aspen bore, spider mites, etc.
  • Deep Root Tree Fertilization
    (This treatment can increase growth of your trees by nearly 50%)
  • Gravel, Rock, and Garden Bed Sterilization
  • Oil Field Bare Ground Spraying

Industry Experts

It is uncommon to find a company as diverse and willing to work with you to achieve the exact goal you want for your property. For over half a decade we have been broadening our extensive backgrounds in nearly all forms of application to control noxious weed and to better Montana for the current generations and ones to come! There is no other company in Bozeman, Gallatin Valley or Montana that will work with you in such detail to eradicate your noxious weeds or invasive species.

About Us

The Montana Spray Co. is a company of individuals located in Bozeman, MT who truly care about the ecosystem and the fragile balance that exists in our beautiful state. Noxious Weeds and other Invasive Species can seriously disrupt this balance and harm our state for years to come. Therefore, we have made it our mission to control noxious weeds and improve the land, trees, and vegetation we live on and around. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.